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WORTH stands for Workshop for the Rehabilitation and Training of the Handicapped.  Registered as a Charitable Trust, WORTH Trust, Vellore provides a host of rehabilitation services (focused on vocational training and employment) to those suffering from disabilities of various kinds, in order to assist in their social, economic and personal rehabilitation.

WORTH Industries

WORTH Industries

WORTH Plastics

WORTH Plastics

Worth Brailler

Worth Brailler

Worth Mobility Aids

WORTH Mobility Aids


WORTH Digitization

WORTH Assistive Devices

Assistive Devices

Technical training Centre

Technical Training Centre

School for Speech & Hearing Impaired

School for Speech & Hearing Impaired

Early Intervention center for children with Speech & Hearing Imp

Early Intervention Centre for Infants with Hearing Challenges

Day Activity Center for Mentally Challenged

Day Activity Centre for Children with Intellectual Challenges

Rehabilitation Activities

Rehabilitation Programmes


A Worthy Son

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